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Alpha Scorpio Arm

With a complete 360 degree camera rotation, at any lens height, in 5.5 seconds. All controlled from within a powerful 400bhp V10 VW Touareg. Your images will be more stable and more dynamic, whilst your crew will be in complete safety and comfort thanks to a full race spec roll cage, 3 point safety harnesses and bucket racing seats. The on board solid state recording system gives instant playback, viewed through four high resolution HD/SDI monitors and the internal comms system allows clear communication to all operating crew.

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Fitted with the very latest Scorpio Arm and Scorpio Stabilised Head, you can perform a full 360 degree camera rotation to a maximum camera height of 18ft (5.5m). With full crane, head and camera power provided by the vehicle, changing batteries is a thing of the past and makes it perfect for use in remote locations. Delivered in a custom built support truck its ready for immediate use, no build time or rigging required.

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Designed by experienced technicians who have worked with other types of vehicles, the Alpha Scorpio Arm Arm is the ultimate in pursuit vehicles. Built in house, the Alpha Scorpio Arm (Russian Arm) has the factory finish feel. No cable is out of place; everything has been designed and built specifically for the car.


The Alpha Scorpio Arm is versatile and powerful, yet stable and safe. All this, together with its digital control which allows pre-recorded positions, set limits and movements, makes it the most technologically advanced Remote Camera Arm of its kind.

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Is the Alpha Scorpio Arm the same as the Russian Arm ?

The Alpha Scorpio Arm - “ Both the Vehicle and Scorpio Remote Arm are owned by Alpha Grip.

The Car - “ We've used is a 5L, V10, VW Touareg with the powerful 400bhp engine that has 650lb ft. of torque.

Other features include:
The VW Touareg has a low center of gravity. An important safety factor when you have a spinning Remote Arm, Stabilised Head and a Camera all mounted on the roof. A selectable “Low Ratio Mode”. The VW Touareg is a usable 4x4 vehicle; it’s not your everyday Chelsea Tractor. Adjustable air ride suspension. With a 4” ride adjustment, and supplied off road tires, the VW Touareg offers greater ground clearance and exceptional traction in all conditions.

Power to all the equipment is provided by on board, 24v, 28v and 36v batteries with an onboard charging system. There is no charge time required, no down time and no delay.

The Remote Arm - “ The Scorpio Arm has a patented pivoting weight bucket. As the Scorpio Arm rises and drops the weight bucket counter balances and stays level. This enables you to perform a complete 360 degree turn at any camera height. The weight bucket will not hit the car, nor will it block any window during operation.

The Stabilised Head - “ The Scorpio 3 Axis Stabilised Head is a digital remote head with stabilisation in all axes and with a camera payload of 70kgs.

Safety - “ The Alpha Scorpio Arm is capable of operating at over 100mph and can performing a complete 360 turn in 5.5 seconds, with this in mind safety is imperative. Therefore we have installed a roll cage designed and built to MSA (Motor Sport Association) specification, bucket racing seats and 3 point safety harnesses.

Delivery - “ From our London base we will deliver the Alpha Scorpio Arm in our custom built support truck, ready to go. With set up time required only for the remote head and camera, you could be ready to shoot in 45 mins or less.

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Additional Info

  • Technical Specifications:

    Arm Type
    Gyro Stabilised arm
    Pan and Tilt
    38kg / 84lbs
    Pan, tilt and roll
    Combined pan and tilt motors
    Full 360 degree rotations within 5.5 seconds.
    Car Speed
    Capable of 100mph during operation
    Max lens height
    5.6m / 18'5"
    Arm Length
    12, 14 and 18'
    Camera payload
    Up to 70kg / 154lbs
    Powered by
    36v batteries with onboard charging system
    Arm Control
    Fully controlled from inside the car
    recodable and repeatable movements
    Video Playback
    Video playback700kg / 1543lbs
    Car Spec
    Full race spec roll cage, racing seats and 3 point

     Please click on the below links for Health & Safety Guidance when filming with such vehicles, on roads within the UK

    HSE Information form
    Metropolitan Police Guide - Filming on the Move Guidance

    If you have any questions please contact Alpha Grip or contact:

    James Waller
    Metropolitian Film Unit
    0203 054 5555



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