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A multi-purpose 4x4 all-terrain vehicle designed to carry large camera cranes to the most difficult to reach locations.


Designed to carry the heaviest of cranes including the MovieBird 44 and the SuperTechno 50


Unique chassis design allows the rear half of the Scarab to articulate, ensuring all four wheels never leave the ground

With a 6000kg load capacity and a 10,000kg towing weight On board 3kw generator offering constant power to both the crane and remote head


Delivered to location, ready for immediate use with minimal set up time required

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  • Technical Specifications:

    VM 3000cc 4 Cylinder Turbo Diesel
    55.2kw (75hp) @ 2600 rpm
    250nm (185Ibs) @ 1800 rpm
    Water Cooled
    Gear Box
    24 Speed Synchromesh Manual Gearbox
    12 Forward and 12 Reverse Gears
    High and Low Ratio Selector
    25mph (40km/h) Max. Speed
    Service pads on 4 wheels and double hydraulic circuit with floating jaws
    Spring parking brake on the rear wheels with hydraulic control and progressive modulation valve

    Size and Weight
    Total weight excl. Crane Arm and Platforms - 3250kg / 7165lbs

    Total approved weight - 9000kg / 19841.6lbs

    Towing unbraked - 1000kg / 2205lbs

    Towing braked up to - 10000kg / 22046lbs

    Length - 450cm / 14.8’

    Width - 205cm / 6.73’

    Height of platform -
    102cm / 3.35’

    Height to pan bearing on top of column 175cm (from ground) down

    Height to pan bearing on top of column 275cm up

    All heights are on 425/55/r17 tyres
    Crane Options
    MovieBird 17/21/35/44
    SuperTechno 30/50

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