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The most widespread crane in the world

Choice of its own 2 or 3 axis camera head (Z head) accommodating most video or film cameras but accepts other remote heads (including Alpha Stabilised, Scorpio Stabilised)

Has a control desk with handwheel or joystick and can also be controlled by a PanBar system.

It will support most 3D rigs and heavier camera packages

The standard package includes the SuperTechno 30, dolly with pneumatic wheels, 2-axis Z-Head, Preston FIZ, operator’s console, HD colour monitor, all necessary cables and rain cover

Can be mounted on The Scarab

Requires x1 Technician

Set up time 1 hour

st30 1

st30 2

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Additional Info

  • Technical Specifications:


    Max. length (front from fulcrum)
    9.3m / 30’6”
    Min. length (front from fulcrum)
    2.4m / 7’10”
    Back length of arm
    2.4m / 7’10”
    Telescopic range
    6.9m / 22’8”
    Max. telescopic speed
    1.4m / 4’7” per second
    Min. telescopic speed
    1m / 3’3” per hour
    Max. optical axis (h)
    9.14m / 30’
    Remote Head
    2 and 3 axis

    “Z Head” / Wheels, Joystick or PanBar

    Min. overall dims
    (2 axis version)
    Max. camera load
    35kg / 77lbs
    (2 axis version)
    30kg / 66 lbs
    (3 axis version)


    1.55m / 5’1”
    1.37m / 4’6”
    Min. height of pivot point
    (telescopic column down)
    1.75m / 5’9”
    Max. height of pivot point
    (telescopic column up)
    2.2m / 7’3”
    Min. overall height
    (ground to top of arm 1st section)
    2.1m / 6’11”
    Max. overall height
    (ground to top of arm 1st section)
    2.57m / 8’5”
    Track Guage
    1.45m / 4’9”
    Crane total weight in 3 axis mode with 77lbs camera
    1330k g/ 2933lbs
    Power Supply
    220-240v AC 50HZ/16Amp