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MB60 at the BSC Expo

At the BSC expo, Alpha Grip demonstrated the new MovieBird 60 telescopic crane, the first of its kind available for rental in the world.

Despite its extended reach of 60ft, the MovieBird 60 can be transported inside one of Alpha Grip’s standard 16-tonne trucks. On location it can be seated on a mobile electric base, or mounted on Alpha Grip’s multipurpose 4X4 Scarab vehicle.

The crane has a 90kg maximum payload, is wirelessly controlled and can last up to an hour off its internal batteries, making it well suited for film, TV and sports filming.

Unlike other cranes such as the 100ft Supertechno crane, which takes 10 operators to run, the MovieBird 60 only requires two grips and two tech operators, who are able to remotely control any type of camera package attached to the 60ft arm.

The MovieBird 60 is available to hire from Alpha Grip for a daily rate of £2,000.

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